Saturday, June 19, 2010

Love and Pollywogs from Camp Calamity by Mary Hershey

Did you have summer camp adventures? Then you'll love reading about Effie, a fourth grader, going to her first year of camp!

Effie's a typical kid. Has an older sister who bosses her around, her group of very good friends, and one girl that just doesn't like her. She's excited to be going to camp and has big plans on how it will all work out and how she'll be the Outstanding Camper of the Week. But she never planned on "altitude sickness" - other referred to as "homesickness" by the camp counselors.

Her plans begin to go awry when her big sister Maxey comes to camp, too. She has sworn she won't talk to Effie, and she doesn't. But having her around is no fun.

Then the mac & cheese comes with peas in it! And when it's time to swim everyone can except Effie so she says she can.

Can it get worse - oh yes!

There is a lot of action, funny moments, good lessons, and this week at camp is quite a journey for Effie. Children from 9-12 will enjoy reading about her adventures.

Random House has released this for sale on the 8th of June, so look for a copy to share with your youngsters. It's a good read!

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