Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lady Lost by Margaret Graziano

Subtitle: The Story of the Honeymoon Cottage in Jerome, Arizona. Copy for review graciously provided by Five Star Publications.

Have you ever remodelled a house? Imagine trying to rehabilitate a house that has been remodelled, rented, added on to, and then abandoned for a number of years...

Jerome was a mining town and in its prime, the mine owner built a "cottage" for his son and his new wife. It was a beautiful home, but they didn't live there long.

When the mine closed down, Jerome became a ghost town. The cottage (which was actually a good sized house)had a variety of owners, all with their own idea of what was in fashion and what they needed in a house. So the cottage's face changed with time. And then, years down the road, it was left vacant and alone...

Margaret brings the cottage to life in her story about restoring the cottage. She gives the "lady" a voice and let's her discuss the changes she sees. The lady shares her sorrow at being in such bad shape, and then her joy as she sees her former grandeur returning.

You meet the contractors and see the challenges they have in finding old building supplies to keep the cottage's integrity.

This is a fascinating read full of Jerome history, pictures of the cottage, and the story of the restoration. I recommend it.

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