Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Came as a Stranger by Bryan Prince

Subtitle: The Underground Railroad. This book was provided courtesy of Tundra Books.

This is a non-fictional account of those who were slaves and escaped to Canada for freedom that touches your heart.

There are factual accounts of how the slaves were treated, how they were viewed as chattel, and how desperate they were to have lives of their own and a place to call their own.

The book is filled with photographs, articles, and other historical documents.

It's a heart-rending part of history, but it's our history.

There are pictures of the various locations used for the underground railroad as well as a guide to where they are located. Several of them are museums at this point in time.

I'm sure if I visited these homes, I'd feel the ghosts from the past. Just like I did when I visited Gettysburg.

This is a very good resource for young adults that will give them a chance to live history all over again.

I highly recommend it.



WOW--you read all sorts of books and fast! I appreciate your reviews!!
thanks! Carole

Violet said...

This does sound like a great resource. Thanks for your review. I'll keep this book in mind.