Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carol

This edition was published by Tundra Books, and they kindly sent me a copy for review. It's an oversized book that has been bound and decorated in a lovely manner, a very collectible edition.

The outstanding feature of this edition (besides the binding) are the illustrations by Oleg Lipchenko.

This classic tale has been standing alone for years and is a favorite with many people, but Oleg's illustrations bring the story to life. You can watch the progress of the story by "reading" the illustrations on the pages before you read the text. It's delightful!

I had never actually read the story (saw the movie years ago) and I'm very glad this elegant copy was my first "read".

If you have an Alice fan in your household or you just want to give a someone a lovely collectible gift, this is the book for you. It's a wonderful tale with magical pictures to keep you turning the pages.

I highly recommend it.

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Anonymous said...

pictures do make a difference. The vintage edidion of Alice in wonderland I bought from you had good pen drawings. My sister compared the "anna" book I bought from you to the translation I had and could immediately spot the copy that had ALL the drawings. The copy with fewer drawings (..by same artist.) (Shame on you, daft publisher. Save a penny, waste a joy.) was noticably less in mindframe building. A good picture (drawing) is worth a thousand words they say, but in a book like Alice in wonderland (or Flynn's Anna) it can augment the feel. The tale is the same, the experience isn't. (Still wonder what mimsy means.) Kind regards, Jaak.