Thursday, May 20, 2010

Senator's Son An Iraq War Novel by Luke S Larson

War is never good, and this particular war is still ongoing. Mr. Larson sent me a copy of his book and asked me to review it.

I wasn't sure how he was going to deal with the fact that the war has not ended (or resolved), but he writes about the beginning of the war and that works well.

This not a "heavy" book. It covers a heavy subject and good people die on both sides, but he doesn't get into such detail that you would be bogged down and depressed and not want to finish it.

The soldiers sent into war knew how to fight. When they got into Iraq, they were asked to help rebuild. Since they were patrolling the streets there and knew the conditions the people were living in, they could understand the need - even if they didn't have experience for it.

Like any dinosaur, the head is almost out of touch with the body. The Armed Services are close to the same way. Those at the top are not familiar with the conditions facing the fighting body, and they give instructions that are almost impossible to follow and ignore the local troops advice.

This book kept my attention, party because it talks of the early 2000's when the war first started and also has a futurist story set in 2047. Both are related, but you don't know how until the end of the book. And it's very ironic ending.

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