Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nana's Getting Married by Heather Hartt-Sussman

Georgia Graham has illustrated this children's book and her illustrations are a hoot! Tundra Books is the publisher and they always have an excellent taste in authors and artists combos.

Nana is just perfect. She's around all the time, cooks him fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, reads him bedtime stories, knitted him mittens and socks and turtleneck sweaters. But then she meets Bob, and everything changes.

As Nana changes step-by-step, he lets his parents know that he DOES NOT APPROVE. He thinks all the changes are gross (dates, makeup, love songs, different hairstyles - ugh!)but everyone else thinks it's great.

Sharing Nana is no fun at all! But then he finds out that she's not moving far away and he's invited to come and stay with her and Bob. So he agrees to be ring bearer.

A very cute story about a boy who wishes his grandmother would just stay the same, but gradually realizes that she's happy with her new fellow and the changes she's making.

This is an unbound copy of this hardcover book and I'll be giving it away. Leave a comment here on the blog and send me an email with your name and address and why you'd like it at info @ (take the spaces out). I'll draw a winner in about a week.

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