Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stories at the Door by Jan Andrews

Tundra Books provided me with a copy of this book for review. The illustrator is Francis Blake, and the illustrations are colorful, fanciful and pleasing to the eye. Young ones should have great fun looking at the characters and commenting about the way they look and act.

This book contains six stories that just "show up at the door". They come out of nowhere, and they entertain you! Silly and funny, they are old tales being retold with a little twist to them to make them sound a bit new. They're short and could be read as bedtime tales. But most children will want to keep reading once they begin this book. You want to see who shows up at the door next!

The stories within are exaggerated and sometimes fantastical, so your child may have some questions about the stories. Others will read them and wish they, too, could have experienced it.

A fun read for intermediate readers. Check your local bookstores and libraries for a copy.

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