Friday, April 9, 2010

Out at Night by Susan Arnout Smith

Grace Descanso returns in this thriller by Smith. This is the sequel to The Timer Game, and it's a fast read because it's action packed. The Book Report sent me this copy to review.

Professor Bartholomew is a bit eccentric and a lot strange, but he didn't deserve to die in a soy field with a hole in his chest, shot by a crossbow, and set on fire. The only message he is able to send before his death is Grace's name. And she doesn't even know him - he just attended one of her lectures.

The FBI is involved, and she's forced to join in the investigation to avoid becoming the main suspect. She's a crime scene tech, so she can add to the investigation.

Suddenly there is suspicion that the genetically altered soy crops might not be safe. When they determine who the potential victims would be, it becomes a nightmare for the world - not just for Grace and the FBI.

It's a race to get the facts and try to stop the planned the fatal action planned. You'll be on pins and needles until you get to the last page and see how it all turns out.

This is a very good thriller, suspense novel. It's currently available for sale in stores.

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