Friday, April 9, 2010

Grease Town by Ann Towell

This book brings the history of the past alive. When Titus Sullivan stows away on his brother's wagon as he leaves to go stay with another relative and work in the oil fields, he has no idea that the new life he's going to has so many conflicts or challenges for the folks who live in Oil Springs, Ontario.

No one is rich in Oil Springs. The work is hard, everyone is fighting to keep their jobs and earn what they can. Add to that mix prejudice and resentment and it can turn volatile.

Titus meets a boy near his age, and he becomes friends with Moses. Then he notices that Moses is treated differently than he is - because he's black. He finds out most of the blacks have migrated to Canada to avoid slavery. But they are paid less than the white folks. From the white men's point of view, they are stealing their jobs.

When trouble arrives, Titus learns just how deadly men can turn against someone who isn't like them.

This book is written for a young adult. It reads smoothly and even if you suspicion not all will be well in Oil Springs, you can't stop reading.

Tundra Books provided me with a copy to read. The book is currently available in stores.

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