Friday, April 9, 2010

Putting It Back Together by Rhonda M Lawson

Dr. Alex White has gone back home to treat the children who were impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Her decision to move back to New Orleans ends up breaking up her engagement and leaving the man she's still in love with in Houston. She hopes home will heal her heart and that someday she may actually get paid for the medical services she provides.

At home, she runs into her old boyfriend. He has a wife that sleeps around on him and he wants a divorce, but his wife doesn't. He also has a son that his wife uses as a bargaining chip. And Alexis doesn't want to fall back in love with him at this point in her life.

Before she found Reggie again, she was already dating Jamal. Jamal wants to marry her badly.

Alexis has to forgive herself for things that have happened in the past and determine what her heart is trying to tell her...

Rhonda Larson provided this book for my review.

If you'd like my copy, please leave a message here on the blog and then email me at info @ (take out the spaces) and give me your name and address and tell me why. I'll choose a winner in about a week.

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Judith said...

I would love to read this one.