Monday, February 1, 2010

Wanda and the Wild Hair by Barbara Azore

This is a lush children's picture book full of color and eye catching illustrations drawn by Georgia Graham. Tundra Books was kind enough to send me a copy for review, and I could tell by looking at the cover I was going to enjoy it.

Wanda has hair that is OUT OF CONTROL. But she likes it that way and doesn't want to change it. Her opinion changes, though, when she gets her mom's earring stuck in her hair.

She works real hard to make sure the earring doesn't fall out before she gets back home. A magpie tries to steal it, a cat tries to get the magpie, and a dog mistakes her for another dog, so it's not an easy job!

By the time she gets home, she has lot more than the earring stuck in her hair. So she finally agrees to get a haircut. After all, she knows it will grow out again...

The illustrations make this a great book for reading aloud. And Wanda's adventures will make children laugh. Wanda really does have a bad hair day!

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