Friday, February 5, 2010

Wanda and the Frogs by Barbara Azore

Another Wanda adventure! I know you'll be relieved to see her hair is back wild and untamed again. The illustrations by Georgia Graham are wonderful. Full of lively color, they enhance this tale of Wanda finding tadpoles in a puddle.

She wants to save them, so she takes them to school and shows them to her teacher. The teacher gets an aquarium out, adds some creek water, plants and rocks, and the children can now watch the tadpoles grow and become frogs.

Everything is going along nicely until the frogs mature and the teacher is going to let them loose down by the creek. Wanda doesn't want to let them go! So they compromise and Wanda gets some to take home, since she's the one who found them.

But Wanda didn't expect them to climb out of their container at night and wander about the house. And heaven knows, her mother didn't expect to find them in her kitchen! Her father saves the day by sending Mom back to bed and helping Wanda gather the frogs up - to take down to the creek. But, wait, did they get them all???

Another lovely picture book from Tundra Books. Wanda's a great character for read aloud storytime groups.

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