Thursday, February 4, 2010

In the Fullness of Time by Vincent Nicolosi

This is a historical novel about the death of two presidents, Warren G Harding and John F. Kennedy. The narrator was a neighbor and fellow townsman of Harding's and had helped him rise to presidency.

As he reflects on the death of Kennedy, he finds himself looking back to the past and reliving the times when Warren Harding was still alive, over 40 years ago.

Many rumors floated around about Harding. Did he have some Negro blood in veins? Did he die from apoplexy or was he poisoned? Why did his wife not allow an autopsy? And why did the narrator step away from the girl he loved and let Harding have her as a mistress?

The story is bit verbose, but it keeps you moving along with the bits and pieces of events he keeps remembering and trying to fit together.

The ending took me by surprise. It was one I had no inkling about, and it fits the book perfectly. Nothing is as it seems.

This book was published by Fonthill Press and sent to me by Atlas Books.

If you would like my copy of this ARC, post a comment here on my blog, and then email at info @ (take the spaces out) with your name and address and why you would like to have it. I'll do a drawing for it in about a week.


SusanB said...

This sounds like an interesting book. Not usually the type of book I would read but one I would pass on to my husband as he would love it!

Jude said...

This sounds like a great book, one I would enjoy reading. Please enter me.