Friday, February 19, 2010

Beyond the Map's Boundary by Nibi Soto

This ARC was provided to me by Atlas Books, and I thought I'd like it because it has to do with time travel. That's always fascinated me.

You have to read almost three pages before this book grabs you and takes you "on the run"!

Mattie Bott has been "seeing" things and doesn't understand what it's about. When she goes out on her first date with a guy she's been admiring for some time, she actually passes out. She's mortified, but doesn't know why it happened.

Her mother disappears, her father tells her what tradition she must carry on, and they have to move - all in the course of a day.

She can travel though time, but must have a mate to help her return. And the first time she does time travel, it's an accident. Will she get back? Can she protect herself from the man who took her mother from her?

This is fast paced, full of action, and will totally fascinate young adult readers. You want to see what's going to happen next, so the hard part will be getting them to put it down and do something else.

If you'd like my copy of this ARC, please leave a comment here on the blog and then send me an email with your name and address and why you'd like the copy to info @ (take the spaces out).

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SusanB said...

This sounds like a book I would love to read. Please enter me.