Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Mousehunter by Alex Milway

This one is a great romp for your imagination! First off, the mice in this book have many different attributes and of great variety - different colors, different talents, some are mean, some are magical - and they haven't identified them all yet...

Emiline is a mousekeeper, and works for a collector, so she's had lots of opportunities to find out just how many varieties there are and how to handle them.

Her great adventure begins when the collector sends a local sea captain after the legendary mousehunter pirate, Captain Mousebeard. She overhears the mission being given, and begs to go on the journey. While surprised the collector lets her, she's thrilled and ready to go the next morning.

However, the journey is not an easy one - she has to do her part on the ship. And then the mission turns out to be a lie and everything gets scrambled. When she realizes her boss sent her on the mission expecting her to die, she decides to fight back...

Any young adult that likes adventure and has a good sense of humor and imagination should love this book. It will also hold the attention of any child that isn't sure he/she likes to read!

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