Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 25th was our 34th anniversary!

We took our anniversary trip last Wednesday and went up to Capitan and stayed overnight.

First off, the store we went up there to snoop in and planned to buy some leather goods was closed - he went out of town unexpectedly for the week. Drat!

We did find that they had redone the old bank and converted it into an art shop, and we toured that. There was some really fantastic art in there, and some that wasn't so great, but it was fun to look at. Nothing grabbed me enough to make me buy it. Most prices were pretty weighty.

We took a little drive out in the country - and there was nothing and nobody out there, let me tell you! If we'd kept going, we'd end up in Roswell, so we turned around and wandered back.

The room had this huge furniture that made me feel like I was Goldilocks sitting in the bears' chairs. We had to use our pillows to be able to make them fit us!

Sadly, the room wasn't well maintained, it was cold, the furniture and the beds were uncomfortable, they gave us two full beds so we had to sleep separately (and this was after I told them we were coming for our anniversary!), the room next to us filled up with construction workers and we got to listen to them talk until about 10 PM and start again about 6 AM (why next to us when the rest of the motel unit was empty???). Oh, did I mention that the toilet seat was almost unattached and you felt like you were swimming when you sat on it?

We knew the restaurant closed early, so we took some of favorite food from Nellie's with us. However, the microwave was too small for the containers to turn, so we had to take the rollers out, turn the plate in the bottom over so it wouldn't turn, and had to watch and manually turn our food around. The fact that the control didn't work right made it a bit more challenging. But we did get our food cooked and ate it.

We got up fairly early (for us - we're night owls now) and headed back home. As my husband pointed out, our chairs and our bed felt a lot better than the motel's.

But we did go "out" and saw some beautiful country, so it wasn't a total loss.

I'm amazed we made it this far together. We don't have many problems with each other, but there was his ex and his kids, his family, his work schedule and mine, and his mom always thought I was lying when I said he wasn't home from work (I asked her if she'd like to talk to the cat to confirm it), and life was difficult sometimes.

He's very glad I made the decision to move to New Mexico. We have our freedom here, the weather helps our health, and we've learned to live with each other 24/7 - which was a big change from an hour or two each evening.

So here's to 34 years and more to come!

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Brenda said...

Congratulations! Sorry your trip didn't work out better, but it's a testament to your years together that you could endure such a trip and still find contentment in the fact that you were 'together', no matter how it turned out. Here's to many more happy years together!