Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another book review...

Did another review for Christine, here's the link to it: http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/2008/10/book_review_the_secret_life_of_2.php

This one was a fun romp through the life a snowbird from Idaho. The Secret Life of a Snowbird by Len Schritter.

Len has a great sense of humor and made me laugh several times as I wandered through his tales. I think you'd have fun reading it, too!

Check out the review, and, if it appeals to you, leave a comment here and send me an email to express interest. I'll be giving this one away, too.

YOU MUST SEND ME AN EMAIL SO I CAN FOLLOW UP TO GET YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS TO SEND THE BOOK. PLEASE COMMENT AND THEN EMAIL ME PERSONALLY AT info@bookfaerie.com . Google doesn't tell me who you are unless you have a profile set up...


Dottie said...

Read your review and would enjoy reading the book I'm sure.Hope I win!
I'll be back to your blog again now that I've found it.


Pamela Lee said...

As someone who is very close to retire age and who aspires to be a snowbird...I'm very interested in entering the drawing for this book.

I have spent time in Yuma AZ just people watching and taking in the life lessons of what to do/not do or wear/not wear when I become a snowbird.

I do have a leg up on this rapidly approaching stage of life...I already own 3 bingo daubers and have a sun hat that is ugly...uh...has character!

So you see I need to learn some of the finer points of being a snowbird...quickly!

Pamela Lee said...

As someone rapidly approaching retirment age and aspiring to be a snowbird I need this book.

I have spent time in Yuma AZ during the snowbird season (no - you can NOT shoot the snowbirds even if it is the season)just people watching and learning what to do/not do and what to wear/not wear when I reach that status.

I do have a slight leg up on this life stage as I already own 3 bingo daubers and a sun hat that is positively ugly...uh...meant to say a sun hat that has "character and charm"

Hope I win!

Kathleen said...

I read your review, too, and think that this would be a fun read! I can only hope I'm the winner of this book. lol

I'll be visiting your blog often. I'd like to get into a home based business, too, and look forward to hearing more about how you got started, etc.

Keep up the good work!!