Thursday, October 16, 2008

Decluttering, cleaning, sorting and donating...

I've been through most of the house now, and am working in my kitchen.

I had several sets of dishes, pans, bowls, serving trays and dishes, silverware, etc. I have now donated all except one set of dishes, cut down my serving dishes to just a few for us two. We aren't having family dinners with 35 people anymore, I don't need all those dishes, serving trays, or silverware.

I have one cupboard of lead glass dishes - all pretty stuff and worth some dollars - I'm going to keep them.

I have a whole cupboard of Tupperware - now typed by size and they are containers of a size we will use and open and close easily. Three bagfuls are going to Good Start.

I have another cupboard that is full of baking items: measuring cups, spoons, mixer and bowl (one mixer is being donated), sifter, glass cooking pie plates and cake plates, muffin pans. And more that will be added as I find it in other cupboards and drawers.

My George Foreman Grill didn't have it's drip pan - but I found one on eBay and bought it.

We're going to go look at a grill that's on sale tomorrow. Hubby said he was buying it for me, but he wants to cook hash browns and pancakes on it - so guess who it's really for...

I have another week or so in the kitchen organizing, but then I'll be done with walking through the house and cleaning up.

Then it will be back to the rear room and putting all the craft items, Christmas stuff, jewelry and other odds and ends in plastic containers for storage - and then on the shelves of the cupboards in back.

When I'm done, I will be somewhere I've never been in my life. Everything will have a place and everything will be in its place. No more piles, no more boxes, no more hanging on to everything "in case we might need it". I know a portion of that came from having no money and making do. But now I have no money either, and I know I can buy whatever I need, if I need it. I might need to save to do it, but I don't have to keep things "I might need someday".

I've sent 10 pickup loads down to Good Start so far, and I know there will be at least one more.

But then we will have order and a much cleaner house. And I'll be able to find what I need - what a unique concept!

Only those with tendency to hoard will understand what a step forward this is for me!

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MaureenM. said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I have done alot of this too but there are some boxes of paper memories I cannot seem to give up even though they have no value and my kids will never take the time to go through them, and I am not in the mood for going through them, there are memories in there only those worthless scraps can trigger. I am not a scrapbooker type. Any suggestions. I dream of getting into a mood to organize like you have and going through them and entering them into engagement calendars (I have done this with alot of it) and then letting go of it. What did you do with all of this? Thanks and any more you can blog on this really jelps others gear up. I have read so many books about decluttering but it seems like such an ongoing process. Especially for 59ers like me, who are in a continuing downsizing mode in order to move to cheaper places and try to get out of debt. Thanks again! Also, is there somewhere to list books for sale that doesn't cost for the sales like E... does? Thanks again, dear Book Pixie!! Maureen