Monday, October 27, 2008

Live Chat with Kathleen Kent (Heretic's Daughter)

Miriam Parker from Hachette has told me that Kathleen Kent (author of The Heretic's Daughter) will be chatting live at 1PM ET on Blog Talk Radio.

She's a descendant of accused with Martha Carrier and will be talking about her novel, Salem, witches, and, of course, Halloween.

Email if you would like your question to be added to the agenda. Please include the area code that will be dialing in from.

If you just want to listen online, visit:

Here's a great opportunity to listen to an author talk about the book she's written and the reason she's written it (her own personal history).

If you have questions, email Miriam. I know she's looking forward to audience participation in this event.

I reviewed this book, and it's an authentic look at the Salem Witch Trials - which are an ugly part of our past. Read it and you will be taking a fascinating walk through prejudice, hate, and a fear of anyone different. Get a copy of it and see for yourself!

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