Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Book Artist: A Hugo Marston Novel by Mark Pryor

Hugo is still at the embassy and his boss tells him to be at one event and then changes his mind and sends him to another.  The art display he's attending has a beautiful young woman artist.  She makes her sculptures with books and that's one of Hugh's favorite things so they hit it off well.  He's even thinking of dating her.  They've already been to dinner and it was fun for both of them.  He never expected to find her dead during the first day of her exhibit...

Seventh Street Books sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published January 8th.

No one saw anything.  There's a surprising lack of clues and the French policeman does not want his help.  He's going to get it anyway.

When he finds they are arresting his girlfriend for the murder, he knows she didn't do it.  After all, she collapsed during her run and had an ambulance attend to her.  But they found her DNA under the girl's fingernail.  The Frenchman believes it proves she did.

Hugo can't talk to her but he can talk to the others who attended the opening.  Nothing seems to be turning up.

In the meantime, a killer is out to get him.  They set him up and end up taking him out but not before more damage is done.

It's a good thing Hugo doesn't give up.  It takes him a long time to find who killed the artist, but he does.

This series is always very busy with multiple story lines and the author engages your mind.  I find them very enjoyable to read even if they are a bit sad in places. 

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