Monday, December 17, 2018

A Matter of Trust by Winnie Griggs

Lucy and Toby are going out to pick berries for a pie when they run across two men attempting to rob another.  She's carrying a gun because of a dog attack not long ago (to protect Toby) and uses that to get them to leave.  She saves his life and he saves hers by hitting the gun out of the hands of one of the brothers.  She can't leave him there when he needs help but her reputation isn't good now and this won't help it.  She takes him home anyway.

Wild Heart Books let me read this story for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can get a copy now.

The man she saved is on a mission.  He's going to find his brother's lover and take the child from her.  It's an heir in his family and his father wants him raised at their home.  He'll have to heal before he continue on his quest, though.  And the longer he stays, the more fond he grows of Lucy.  The problem is that Lucy is the one he's hunting...

She's having the same problem.  She has a man that wants to marry her and is trying to blackmail her into it but she wants a love match and she doesn't love him.  She knows she's falling in love with the wrong man, but she can't help it.  Then he tells her he's come after Toby.

She's an honest person but he doesn't believe her because he's heard a different version at home.  She lets him take Toby and it rips her heart out.  Not only does he not believe or love her, he's taken her son.  Will she ever get him back?

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