Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Not A Creature Was Stirring by Christina Freeburn

Merry is all ready to go to a Christmas show where she usually sells well.  She's bought a used RV and has filled it with goods to go on display at her table.  She takes her guinea pig with her for company.  The easy trip gets more obnoxious as they go.  She thinks Ebenezer must be letting farts go, but it's worse than that.  The first thing she does on arrival is try to find what's causing that awful fragrance.  Then she wishes she hadn't...

Henery Press and Edelweiss let me read this book for review (thank you).    It will be published January 22nd.

The worst part is that she has found a body and it's her ex-husband.  She knows she's going to end up at the top of the list of suspects.  And she's right.

This turns into a real mess.  The cops take her and she doesn't hardly sell anything at the sale.  Someone breaks into the RV, the car and even her house looking for something. She can't convince the cop she didn't kill him.  Then she finds out they weren't even divorced.  How could it get worse?  Oh, it does, believe me.

In the middle of all this there's a handicapped young man who tells the cop things that sound worse then they are.  Someone strands her on her roof.  And one of her other ex-husbands wants to make up again.  He's separated from current wife and is divorcing.  What a mess!

There was so much going on I wasn't sure it would all get resolved by the story's end but it did.  Not everything is happy ever after but they're working on it...

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