Monday, April 2, 2018

Blood Orbit by K R Richardson

Eric is a rookie cop on a strange planet.  He left his family behind because they thought a police career was useless.  He's still learning about the people and the planet he's on when he comes upon a mass murder that's very disturbing.  They assign him to work with the controversial Chief Investigating Forensic Officer, Inspector J. P. Dillal, the planet's first cybernetically enhanced investigator. They couldn't be more unalike.  Then they find that their basic core values are the same.  But this murder is almost more than can be solved.  It was after hours and there were no witnesses...

Pyr sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published May 8th.

As the two men adjust to each other and begin looking at the crime, a friendship gradually builds.  What they find, though, is very dangerous.  The corporation that owns the planet likes to pull strings to make things work the way they want.  Eric's previous cop partner was on the take.  There are political activists, race wars and more going on in the background.  And this crime blurs it all together.

This is the first novel of a series and it reveals a huge conspiracy.  People from all levels are involved.  More people die as the story goes on.  And while it's a tough case, they do solve it.  I expect the future books will be about them trying to avoid death because they've gone against the system.  Even worse, Eric's family has begun to think he might be useful.  That thought just makes me shudder.

Visit another world, meet all kinds of new types, and watch old fashioned police work merged with cyber police work do its job.  This is a fascinating look at a new world order I wouldn't want to face...

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