Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Queen of All Crows by Rod Duncan

She grew up as part of magic show, playing her part as a girl and then reappearing as her "brother".  She finds this skill useful as she gets older.  Women can be hurt but men are more protected just because they are male.  Using her "man" disguise gets her places she wouldn't be able to go otherwise.  It also helps her with the biggest challenge of her life...

Angry Robot and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published January 2nd.

This is a well written space opera that grabbed my fancy.  Elizabeth is willing to sacrifice herself to find her friend.  She doesn't even know if she's still alive, she just knows that she was on airship that went down.  The only way she can do that is by infiltrating the enemy.

She has a boyfriend who works at the Patent Office.  She figures out how to apply for a job there and does it even if he doesn't want her to.  She gets the job and she's sent out immediately.  She doesn't even really get to say goodbye.

They put her aboard a whaler as an inspector.  She's not well liked and she wears a birthmark to make herself pass as a male.  When she finally gets a chance to meet the enemy, they are women.  She tells them she is, too, and they take her with them.

This women's world is odd.  They all hate men but use the prisoners to breed with.  They plan to take over more territory.  They live on a floating island.  And the test to find out if you got to join them or die is extreme.

I found the story fascinating.  Small things become big things in this world.  She finds her friend but can they get out alive?  It's a very good read and there will be more in this adventure.  It's just beginning.

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