Friday, December 22, 2017

Strangers by Ursula Archer, Arno Strobel

This story line sounded a bit familiar but the author has created something unique here.  This turns into a real thriller before the end.  She's planning on having a quiet day at home, but she hears someone downstairs.  When she sees the man in her home, she doesn't recognize him and is fearful.  He's confused.  They've been living together for quite a while and they are planning on getting married and she doesn't know who he is?

Minotaur Books and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published January 9th.

She doesn't recognize any of his memories.  She accuses him of making it up.  He can't figure out what happened to her.  Of course, all his belongings are gone from the house, too.  What happened to them?  Neither one of them can trust the other one.  And she finds that she has an urge to self-harm herself.  She also has an urge to use a knife.  Neither of those feelings is normal for her.  Has she lost her mind?  When she stabs him, their relationship begins to fall apart.  But the troubles aren't over yet...

He's run off the road and almost killed.  Then he's sent to the train station to pick up two passengers coming in for a big job.  When the train station blows up and he was only safe because he was a few minutes late, he knows the plot is a lot larger than the two of them.

She pretends he's dead to keep him safe.  Then they try to hide her.  The rest of the story is full of suspense and tension.  The plans they make go south, they're on the run with no money, and no one wants to help them.  

You won't quit reading this one until you've read the last page and then you'll stop to breath and think about what you read.  It's a creepy but realistic story.  You'll remember it.

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