Monday, December 25, 2017

Last Stop in Brooklyn (The third book in the Mary Handley Mystery series) by Lawrence H Levy

Mary is a private detective who has been doing quite well in her business.  This annoys her mother who thinks she should get married and have babies, but Mary doesn't care.  When one of her friends asks her to follow his wife because he thinks she's having an affair, it dismays her but she does it.

First to Read shared this book with me for a review (thank you).  It will be published January 9th and you can grab a copy then.

As she tails the wife, she notices someone is tailing her.  When she braces him, he ask her to help him prove his brother did not kill the woman who died.  She says she will think about it and get back to him.  She does agree to help him.

The next time she follows the wife, she finds her meeting up with a lawyer, who is her best friend's husband.  She can't believe it but they go up to a room together.  She can't tell anyone about it until she has some proof, so she buys a camera and film and goes back.  What she finds is not an affair; it's a plan to win a case against a big money man.

With multi-millionaires, devious money plans, and prejudice against foreigners there's a lot going on in this story.  Mary evens finds a man she likes even though she's not very nice to him.  There's death, attempted murder, pay offs and more so the trail is crooked and has lots of potholes but Mary carries on.  

When she figures out who the killer was, it's almost too late and it doesn't turn out like she wanted.  But she keeps plugging.

Mary has family squabbles, friendship problems and loses one of her clients but she doesn't give up.  Mary makes her mark. 

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