Monday, September 4, 2017

Snowspelled: Volume I of The Harwood Spellbook by Stephanie Burgis

She's lost her magic (and almost killed herself in the process) and she cancelled her wedding.  She's been hiding out, almost in mourning, for months.  But a big celebration is coming up and she needs to attend with the rest of her family.  She just didn't know how dangerous it would be to go...

The author shared this story with me as an early reader (thank you).  It is being published today.

I love this author's work.  It doesn't matter what she picks for a theme, she writes a good story, makes you laugh here and there and keeps your attention.  This book is a winner!

The first thing that happens is that one of carriages of guests is turned away.  They then get lost in the woods and the family members and guests all go out to search for them in this strange snow storm that has come up.  She takes the easiest route since she's without magic.  Then her old fiance finds her and tries to talk to her.  She doesn't want to talk.  She also doesn't want to have walked on a troll.  When she wakes him up (he's covered in snow), he begins to move.  If you thought an earthquake was bad, this is worse.  

Somehow in the process of asking him to let them down carefully, an elf shows up and tells her she must find the weather magician and make him stop the snow or the treaty between the elves and humans will be voided.  That would be deadly.

She tries to find who did the magic but it doesn't appear to be anyone in the house.  Who else could have done it?  And why?  The answer is amazing and the ending is great.  I can't wait to read the next installment in this series!

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