Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hide and Seek M.J. Arlidge

Helen Grace is now sitting in jail waiting for her trial.  She didn't commit the crime but she was framed for it.  The worst part is that it's her dead sister's son who framed her.  She can't do anything while incarcerated except try to stay alive...

First to Read allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published so you can grab a copy now.

I've been reading this whole series and knew I had to read this one to see if she was able to prove her innocence.  She has a real problem with that because she had lied to the cops in the past.  Now no one wants to believe her except one person.  What can one person do?  Not only that:  there's a killer in the prison.

There's a sadist prison guard, gang members, and more to deal with while you live in a cell.  The food is bad and might have a cockroach in it (or worse).  There's a disabled person in a wheelchair who sells drugs.  And now, there's someone in the cells who is a killer.  Of course, Grace is the first one they think might have done it.

Her cop friend is searching for the nephew and skirting a line between losing only her job but her husband.  She's spending too much time on it and it has now been declared a closed case.  She's not willing to give up.

When the first dead body turns up pregnant, that adds another flavor to the murder.  Who is sleeping with the prisoners and why?

As is usual, there's plenty going on and the action doesn't slow down until the end.  There are unpleasant subjects covered but it's reality.  One thing about it, you can't second guess this author.

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