Saturday, March 19, 2016

Wandering Witch (Diary of Anna the Girl Witch #2) by Max Candee

Anna has destroyed the child smuggling ring near her orphanage.  She's also finally got a letter from her Uncle Misha.  She's going to go find him and then see if she can find her father.  She's never even met him but she wants to know more about her family.  Mama bear raised her but it's not the same as a family...

The author shared a copy of this book with me for review (thank you).  You can buy it now on Amazon.

I love this series.  It has all the elements of a good fantasy story.  There's good and evil, immortal and mortal beings and lots of magic.  Anna is a cool character who holds her own, tries not to use her magic, and works hard to save her father and herself from Baba Yaba, her grandmother.

There are four horsemen who do the witch's bidding, wolves, and she has other talents and spells she uses to keep Anna in line.  Anna tries to get away several times but has no luck.  Then Baba Yaba sends her out to find her father's heart.  She wants that so she has the power to rule the world.  He helps ghosts find their way out of the world.  She wants them to do her bidding.  Anna has no choice, but she has another heart in mind...

The story reads fast and the danger feels real.  Mr. Candee's words draw me in and make me live the story.  I can't wait to read the next in this series.  It's an impossible quest and there is another character being introduced.  I'm sure it will be a very good read also!

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