Monday, March 7, 2016

Diary of Anna the Girl Witch Book 1: Foundling Witch by Max Candee

Her uncle said he found her in a cave with a mother bear and her cubs.  He raised her until she was six and then took her to the lawyer handling her inheritance.  He puts her in an orphanage.  She doesn't know who her parents were and how she ended up in a cave with a bear...

Helvetic House and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published so you can grab a copy now.

The sisters at the orphanage are pretty tough but the girls and boys need to learn discipline.  Everyone wants to be adopted but Anna isn't sure.  She'd rather find her mother than go to someone else.  There's a couple that adopts children regularly and everyone thinks they're wonderful.  Anna thinks there is something odd about them.  She's right to think so.

Part of this story is written in diary from.  She sends letters to her uncle but he hasn't written back for a year.  Her letters are being returned also.  So she does the diary so she can share it with him when she sees him next.  I liked that touch.

Things are changing in her life.  Anna realizes she has powers.  They scare her.  They also want to control her.  How can she learn how to do magic and not overdo and be consumed by it?  Especially when she finds out that the monied couple is sending the girls away as part of a sex trafficking scheme.  The worst part is that they want her for the next shipment!

She's excited to find that her grandmother is still alive until she realizes that she's evil and the man after her is probably grandmother's employee.  The photo of grandmother and her home reminded me of  Baba Yaba.

I enjoyed this read and hope to read more in this series.  It's exciting, dangerous, and Anna is even finding out boys aren't as bad as she thought they were.

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