Friday, April 3, 2015

Death at Dovecote Hatch by Dorothy Cannell

Florence is going away for a week to stay with her cousin.  George will miss her but he knows how well she and her cousin get along.  He hopes she has a good time.  When she notices a woman look like she's going to jump in front of the train, she gets concerned.  When the woman steps back, she breathes a sigh of relief.  However, when she gets off the train at her stop, she sees the woman again.  She's gone in a flash.  Florence tries to put her out of her mind, but then she hears on the news that a woman has been run over by a bus.  She's afraid it's the same lady...

Severn House Publishers and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published July 1st, so that gives you enough time to read the first book in the Florence Norris series if you haven't yet.  They're both very good reads.

Ms. Cannell can create intrigue where there isn't any and is very good at turning up rocks and seeing what crawls out from under them.

When Kenneth Tenneson is found at the bottom of his stairs dead from the fall, it's determined to be an accidental death.  Florence isn't sure about that, but suspicion is nothing without proof.  She goes out of town without actively worrying about it.  But when the superintendent of the police district shows up in George's bar, he knows the game is afoot.  Too bad Florence is away.

This is a very convoluted tale that sounds far from the truth.  However, people with money have been manipulating people without for years.  It could be plausible.  Especially since some of the people involved are quite nasty.  I found it interesting and unusual, which I like.

Florence is very diplomatic and helps smooth over any hurt feelings she finds.  She also watches over all her friends.  She's also the one who finally gets to the end of this tale that began years ago.  Now if she'd just marry George...

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