Saturday, April 11, 2015

Coming and Going by Isabel Minhos Martins, Bernardo Carvalho

Man has progressed much in life.  But has man thought about the consequences?

Tate Publishing and Abrams sent me a copy of this book for review.  It has been published, so check with you local bookstore for a copy.

The illustrations in this book are contemporary, modern artwork with vibrant colors.  I spent more time on the pages because I was admiring the artwork.

This book contains a gentle message for young readers.  The author shows how we started out by walking on our two feet and then found other means of transportation.  Our development continued and we used natural resources to find more and go faster.  

Then we analyze the animals.  They, too, can travel at good rate of speed, but they don't hurt the land or use up natural resources.  If we keep going on, soon we will be losing the animals, too.  Maybe we should slow down, walk around and see what's around us.  

The message is important.  Do we need to be connected 24/7 or use gas guzzling vehicles for unimportant, unnecessary trips?  What will we do when the resources run out?  Your child may have some questions after reading this book and that's a good thing.  If not, it's still a beautiful book filled with gorgeous illustrations and a good message.

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