Sunday, April 5, 2015

Castle Hangnail by Ursula Vernon

Molly is twelve, barely five feet tall, and when she tells the odd looking man at the front door that she is there to become the new "master" of the household, he doubts her... 

Dial Books and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 21st, so grab a copy then.
She has the official invitation and she says she's a wicked witch.  There's only one way to prove that.  She's going to have to fulfill the tasks delineated in her invite.  That includes smiting and blighting people or things.  And winning the hearts of the countrymen.  The Guardian points out that one of the masters of the past put their hearts on a shelf in one of the castle's many rooms but Molly is not fond of that idea.  She's not that wicked!

I really loved this story.  There's a mix of odd characters, Molly knows some magic but not enough, her minions aren't certain about her and then the worst thing possible happens.  The person who actually got the invite shows up and wants to claim the castle.  Now it's even worse:  They know she's an imposter...

Molly's magic is special.  It's not huge but she manages to use it and do good with it.  She's pretty sure she can't beat the sorceress but all of a sudden her minions are ready to help her.  She's not only won the town's respect, she's won her minion's hearts.

A Minotaur cook, a pincushion doll, a donkey that can turn into a dragon, good plant knowledge, and a brave goldfish all have a part in this tale.  Oh, I almost forgot the moles!  They have a big part, too.

There's a bit that's scary but it's mostly read with smiles while you watch Molly's antics.  What a great tale to share with your young ones.  You could have great fun reading this one aloud, too.  I'm going to buy me a copy of this one.  Why don't you get one, too?

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