Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thanks to Lucy by Ilene Cooper

Lucy is the most endearing little beagle.  She and Bobby do everything together...

Rand House Children's Books sent me this book for review (thank you).  It has been published so check out your local bookstore.  There are five more in this series if you need a Christmas present to go under the tree.

Bobby is getting ready to do a school presentation where he's going to feature Lucy.  His Mom tells him they may have an addition to the family pretty soon.  The lady from the adoption agency said she'd have a baby for them soon.  Bobby's emotions are a bit mixed about that.  He's never had a brother before, how will he adjust?

Thanksgiving is coming and everyone is helping get ready for that.  Bobby is worried about Lucy; she doesn't appear to be feeling good.  His Mom has no time to take her to the vet and when a call comes in from the adoption agency, she's out of there in ten minutes without hardly saying goodbye.  What's Bobby to do now???

This series is written for ages 7-9 with short chapters and fun characters.  Lucy is a typical dog.  I enjoy reading this series just to keep up with her.  Why don't you try one of her stories?

Happy reading.

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