Sunday, December 29, 2013

Miss Emily by Burleigh Muten

Can you imagine living next door to Emily Dickenson?  Ms. Muten can and writes a fun tale that I highly recommend.

Candlewick and Net Galley allowed me download and read the ebook of this story for review (thank you).  It will be published March 11th and you'll want to get a copy at your local bookstore.

Miss Emily appears to have quite an imagination and so do the children next door.  When she asks them to slither into the garden like slugs, they take her literally and slide in on their bellies!  She has a major announcement:  the circus is coming to town!  Would they like to sneak down and meet the train and see the animals that night?  Would they?  You can guess what the answer to that question is!

They go, they gaze with wonder, and they almost make it undetected.  But poor Max falls and hurts his ankle and the game is up.  Miss Emily takes all the blame.  He's to be laid up for weeks.  He doesn't mind missing school, but he'll miss the circus, too.  Max is sad...

This is a fun story with filled adventure, good spirits and whimsical illustrations that will make you smile.  Mr. Matt Phelan gets the feel of the time period and excitement of the children to come into picture just right.  Miss Emily with her turban and cape looks a lot different from the neighbor they usually see.

Fear not, Max gets to the circus.  And they do a show for Miss Emily to demonstrate what they saw.

There's a feel of classic tales in this story and the use of imagination is well demonstrated.  This is an enjoyable easy read that children will read again and again.  Just open the book and take a look; I'll bet you can't leave it there...

Happy reading.

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