Friday, January 25, 2013

Space Magic by David D Levine

When you open the cover on this book, you are entering a world of fantasy.  The stories in this collection travel in time, have weird creatures and hold a touch of dystopian woven in them.  There are none alike and all entertain. 

Book View Cafe and Library Thing gave me the opportunity read this ebook for review (thank you).  You can buy it now here:  Space Magic The individual stories are available, too, if you'd prefer to just taste the work.  I enjoyed reading them all.

My favorite (which should surprise no one) is The Ecology of Faerie.  This is not a nice story, but it charmed me.  The faerie was evil and the girl in the story figured out how to get rid of her.  Be careful of creatures who walk in the night...

I also enjoyed Zauberschrift.  It's about the death of a wizard and the bad things that are happening to the village.  When the failed apprentice is called back by his sister, he never expects to find what he does.

There is a mix of space stories, ghosts, paranormal and more in this selection of stories.  They all had an ironic touch, which I like.  They're not boring.

Mr. Levine has a good imagination and you feel he's lived in these worlds he creates.  It's a good read, why not snag a copy?

Happy reading. 

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