Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Place Called Perfect by Helena Duggan

Violet's father is an optometrist.  She's perfectly happy with where they live and how life is going, so she's not happy to hear they are moving because of a job opportunity for him.  Especially when she finds out they are moving to a town named "Perfect".  Who would name a town that and why?  If it's true, she'll have to make sure to brush her hair and wear clean clothes each day and that doesn't sound like fun.  But she has no choice...

Ms. Duggan sent me a copy of her book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can get a copy on Amazon.  It comes in paperback or ebook form, your choice.

When they arrive in Perfect, two brothers meet them and welcome them to town.  They also bring some tea to make them feel at home.  That's not all it makes them feel...

This is a very interesting little tale about a town that has been remade by two brothers who want everything perfect.  They are using a tea to remove any individual will from people.  The tea is wonderful, it tastes like anything you like to drink or eat.  But Violet can see it changing her parents.  She's not drinking as much of it and gets in trouble at school for picking up her pencil before she's told to.  She also keeps seeing another child out of the corner of her eye but she loses him when she tries to follow.  When she finally meets Boy, she begins to find out the secrets of the town and the brothers running it.

It reminded me a bit of when Alice fell down the rabbit hole.  We have the two Mad Tea Hatters and other various characters that have something in common with Alice's acquaintances in that odd little world.

I enjoyed this read.  It's good flight of fancy and fun to read both.  Why not give it a try yourself?

Happy reading.   

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Shan said...

Will keep an eye out for this one. Sounds interesting.