Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Red Death Over China by L. Ron Hubbard

I collect old pulp magazines.  This story was written for the 1937 issue of War Birds.  I also listened to audio tapes from the past for the old radio shows.  They're a hoot to listen to since technology has changed so much.  I was looking forward to listening to this audio book, and I wasn't disappointed.

Galaxy Press and Library Thing allowed me the opportunity to review this audio book (thank you).  It is for sale now and is two hours long and unabridged.  It has two other short stories as well as the main novella.

I could tell from listening to the stories that Mr. Hubbard had been in the far east and had experience with flying.  Looking up his biography on the internet confirmed that.  

Mr. Hubbard's tales are full of action and danger in foreign lands.  Death is a partner with the people in his stories.

Each tale has to do with war in some way.  The first is tale of fighting in China, the second is about a pilot testing planes, and the third is a war in Africa.  They were all good, but the highlight was the first tale.  We meet a soldier who cares about nothing:  not danger, not war, nor the deaths of his fellow soldiers.  He just takes the plane where he's instructed and returns, with uninterested eyes and an apathetic attitude.  Until one day things change...

The voices and sound effects were done well and you don't have to listen to those old commercials from the radio days.  If you enjoy listening to audio books, you'll like this one.  If you haven't started listening to them yet, this is a good place to start.  They're short, they're well written and you can sit in chair and visit another land.  Why not give the audio book a try?

Happy reading.    

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