Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Stone Garden by J A Pak

Just who is the lovely lady in the old stone garden?

Ms. Pak shared a free copy of her ebook with me (thank you).  It is on Amazon and is free today, too, so if I entice your interest, you should grab a copy.

I enjoy this author's writing.  Her words dance across the page and create visual pictures that look lush and draw your interest.  She also always make me think.  I like to read stories that stick with me after I have read them.

Poppy is a young girl who has no friends and no parent around to care for her.  The grounds are huge and there are many gardens.  When she finds an old one not kept up and crumbling with age, she stops for a while to admire the flowers.  That was a dangerous thing to do.

This is a short story and it won't take long to read, but I savored every page.  And after I read this story, I began to wonder if I would have ended it differently.  I still haven't decided.  Why not give it a read and see what you think?

Happy reading.

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