Monday, April 23, 2012

Once Upon a List by Robin Gold

Clara Black had everything she wanted:  a nice house, her dream job, and her potential husband, Sebastian.  Now all she had to do was have her wedding and she'd be on to life happily ever after.  All it took was one big truck out of control and her life fell apart; Sebastian was dead...

Avon Books and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to review this book (thank you).  It was published April 18th, so you can grab a copy now.

This is a charming story even though it is tinted with sadness.  Ms. Gold precisely describes how sorrow can grab your soul and you care about nothing anymore.  Not even about getting up in the morning.

The story begins with Clara taking a leave of absence from her job and moving home to try to recover.  It's been months since Sebastian's death but she's still in deep despair.  Then she finds a letter waiting for her at home from a teacher she had in the past.  It's the list of things she wanted to accomplish by age 35 that she put in a time capsule in fifth grade.  And it's just the thing to get her moving again. She decides to do the things on her list.

Some of the items are easy, some are tough and some seem impossible, but she begins and starts marking them off.  This was my favorite part of the book.  I especially liked the way the story ended.  It was very ironic and just the touch needed to make you sigh and go, "Alright then."

Why not grab this book, find a comfortable chair, and read about Clara's journey back to life?

Happy reading.

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