Monday, April 9, 2012

Growing Pains by K P Smith

Eighth grade is always a bit hard to handle.  You're just beginning to grow up, you will be leaving behind the school you're familiar with, and you will meet new students and teachers.  When family life at home is stressed, it's even worse.

I am participating in a blog tour for this book and the author sent me a digital copy for review (thank you).  You can buy a copy at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other vendors who carry ebooks.  Print books are also available.

This truly is a tale of growing pains.  Kendra wants her parents to get along (they are fighting over money), she develops a crush or two during the school year, her friendships with her girlfriends change, and the uncertainty is bothering her.

Kendra has a good attitude, tries to look for the good in life instead of dwelling on the negative, and she falls back on her faith to help her deal with changes.

No one's life goes as smoothly as we would like.  There are always ups and downs.  The author does a good job of realistically showing life in the eighth grade and makes Kendra a young girl you care about.

There will be more in this series and your child will probably want to continue Kendra's story.  After all, she's just getting ready to go to high school...

Happy reading.

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