Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lucy Rescued by Harriet Ziefert

This story spoke to me because it's a tale of a dog being rescued from the pound.  All of the animals I've owned (except for my purebred Bengal) have been rescued cats or dogs.  They have all been special to me.  And my best dog ever was a Tennessee Walker Coonhound who was my protector and loved me unconditionally.  I'll never forget Sammy.  So I had to read this book...

Blue Apple Books will be publishing in at the end of March next year.  Make yourself a note so you can remember the title.  Ziefert has written several books and they are all good.  You could share some other stories while you wait for this one.  You can also follow Blue Apple Books on Facebook: Blue Apple Books page and see what other books they offer.  They all look cute to me.  They have several educational books for young ones, too.

Lucy looks a bit like a terrier and she's waiting patiently for someone to give her a forever home.  Her new family thinks she's just perfect for their family of three.  But once they get Lucy home, she begins to howl.  Mom and Dad try everything, but nothing makes her happy.  When Mom suggest they may have to return her to the pound, the little girl tries to help.
My favorite part of the story is when she shares a stuffed toy with her and it helps ease her loneliness.

This is very nice story with a cute ending and I'm sure your young one will want to read it again and again.  

Happy reading.

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