Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winter Wishes by Rogers, Moira; Andrews, Vivi; Arend, Vivian

Transforming cougars, Lucifer's stepson, and a witch and a werewolf.  What more could you want in your novellas?

Carina Press and Net Galley provided me an eBook to review (thank you).  The book is has been published in Mobipocket Reader and Adobe Reader forms.

Tangled Tinsel by Vivian Arend is the first story offered.  She has created very headstrong characters who are attracted to each other in a unique way.  They are both cats.  Cougars to be exact.  She's a cop who takes him into custody to protect him.  But their sexual attraction is overwhelming.  There's ribald sex, family problems and a plot underfoot to stop transformations.  It's a fast paced, fun read with graphic sex.

No Angel by Vivi Andrews was a very entertaining read.  How often do you find a nice guy at the library who suddenly gets sucked back into hell through a fiery vortex in your apartment?  And even if you love him, do you want to go to hell to find him?  Especially after you find out he lied to you - or at least didn't tell the whole truth.  Both her characters are extraordinary and partly paranormal.  I enjoyed the banter between characters and the imaginary world of hell she created.

Freeze Line by Moira Rogers also has a relationship killer.  She's a witch and must stay south to draw strength from the earth.  He's a werewolf and must stay north to keep the wolf's bloodlust under control.  He's out snowmobiling when he runs across Nadia, almost dead from her escape from scientists.  He takes her to his cabin and nurses to health, but finds out she has to head south.  These characters are both bruised from life, but find an attraction to each other.  The problem is that their natures can't live in the same in the same environment.  What to do?

I enjoyed all these stories.  While the first one was more graphic than I prefer, it had a great story line.  As did the other two.

Why not grab yourself a copy and have a good romantic read?  

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