Monday, February 28, 2011

The Poison Eaters by Holly Black

If you like short stories about odd creatures, dark fantasy, and even a bit horror this collection is for you.

Simon & Schuster will be releasing this book on March 22nd and sent me an eGalley for review.  I had previously read The Red Glove, so I was looking forward to reading this anthology of short stories.  I was not disappointed.

The story are succinct and full of dark fantasy.  Ms. Black writes well and imbues her characters with life.  She always writes on the dark side, but I find the story lines original and the challenge of trying to figure where she might be going next challenging.

The stories are unique.  You never know what paranormal creature will turn up next.  And nobody exactly lives happily ever after.  But you'll keep reading it until you reach the end because the stories are too good to stop.

Happy reading!

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