Friday, February 18, 2011

Jam & Honey by Melita Morales

To make jam you need berries.  But bees gather nectar for honeycomb from the same berry bushes...

Tricycle Press published this book in January and graciously shared a copy with me for review (thank you).  Laura J Bryant is the illustrator.

Ms. Morales chose an interesting way to write this story.  She does it in two parts, with different points of view.  First the little girl's, then the bee's point of view.  It's a unique way of looking at it and emphasizes the lesson being taught.

Ms. Bryant's illustrations remind me a bit of the Strawberry Shortcake girl.  Cute, colorful and full of spirit, they help you see the hesitation and fearfulness both the girl and the bee have towards each other.

It's done in poetry form, which makes it even more fun to read.  Why not visit your local bookstore and buy a copy to help your child understand that a bumble bee is not dangerous as long you respect it and share the space with it?

It's a charming story that could be used in a read-a-loud group, too.  Have one child portray the girl and another read the part of the bee.  And don't forget to buzz...

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