Friday, October 15, 2010

Lost Island Smugglers by Max Elliot Anderson

Sam is making friends in the new city his family has moved to, and he even gets to learn how to scuba dive.  But when he sneaks off with them on a rental sailboat, he never expected to get caught in a storm...

This is a Sam Cooper Adventure 1.  Max Elliot Anderson sent me a copy for a review.  I've reviewed Mr. Anderson's work before and I admire it.  He was a reluctant reader as a child, and his goal is to write books that boys will enjoy reading.  They need action, excitement, some danger and a good text flow.  He manages all of that in his books.

There are different family lives for the three boys, and Sam is very happy he has both his parents and they live in the same household and love each other and him.  But playing on a boat just is too much temptation for him and he's afraid they'll say no, so he goes without permission.

As soon as he gets on board, he begins to regret going without advising his parents, but it's too late.  And it could be even later than he thinks when a big storm hits them and they find themselves in the sea...

Young men will enjoy the descriptions of the adventures of Sam and there is a moral message in the story also.  I think this is the best book Mr. Anderson has written so far, and I know he has more planned.  Check out your local bookstores for a copy and watch for the next Sam Copper adventure.

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