Monday, October 25, 2010

Counting on Snow by Maxwell Newhouse

The artwork in this book caught my eye.

This is a Tundra Books children's picture book in softcover.  (Thanks for the review copy.)  It's only a few pages long, but I expect you'll find your child picking it up again and again.  It's like those books where you flip the pages to see the action in them.  It starts snowing and keeps on going until the end of the book.

Mr. Newhouse's motive is to get your child counting the Arctic animals, but he makes it all the more fun because each page keeps getting increasingly white.  By the time you get to one moose, you almost can't see him!  There are two pages for each animal type to help your child remember the animal's name.  It almost turns into hide and seek before you get to end of the book, and that's sure to snag the child's attention.

I'd recommend this for ages 3-6.  If you're going to learn to count, why not do it with a fun book?  Check out your local bookstore for a copy.

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