Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crying Blood by Donis Casey

When Shaw and his brother take their sons hunting in a long forgotten woods, he never expected his bird dog to bring him back an old boot.  Especially not one that still had bones in it!

Poisoned Press has published this book in hardcover, trade paperback and large print, and it is available at your local bookstore now.  I got my ebook for review from Net Galley (thank you).

The story is set in the early 1900s and the author does a very good job of depicting the daily activities of a family when you grew your own food and harvested it and cured it, too.  The historical context makes the story interesting in its own right, and the mystery just adds some spice to the mixture.

While Shawn and his family camp for the night (it's too late to go after the local sheriff), he sees ghostly feet go through camp.  Was it real or was he seeing things?  He decides to let the sheriff do his job and not worry about it.

After they have slaughtered their pigs and let them hang overnight, he finds that someone has helped themselves to a choice cut of his pigs.  He knows then the moccasins he saw that night are most likely real.

The plot is multi-faceted.  There are several side plots that don't directly impact the first murder, but they do explain why and how it happened.

I found this a good mystery because the time in history is accurately represented and the plot is complex.  Get yourself a copy and see what you think.

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