Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Sky is Yours by Chandler Klang Smith

This is a tale of a dystopian world plagued by dragons, bad water, and lots of poor people who want what the rich have.  Dragons drew me in but they seem to be mechanical and that wasn't as much fun.  To read this book, you need to set your rational mind aside and just read...

This book has been published by Hogarth.  I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Nothing made a lot of sense in this book.  It was like taking a trip and never leaving the farm.  There's a character who knows which building the dragons will hit next.  One character has excess teeth that just keep growing.  One young girl can talk to animals.  The main male character is full of himself and pretty much a loser.  However, as the story goes on, he has to grow in maturity whether he likes it or not.

I found the story to be an oddity.   I kept reading to see where the author was taking the main character.  He has a girlfriend, then he has a wife, then he runs away with his girlfriend and his wife hooks up with a drug seller.  But not to worry, the circle of life brings him back to his wife again.  (It was an arranged marriage so it wasn't as bad as it sounds.)

Between people being killed and the ones committing suicide, the body count goes by up the page.  I was a bit confused all through the book and never did quite see the point the author was trying to make.  This was not a book for me but if you like unusual themes with strange characters, you'll enjoy this one.  I'm more of a mystery fan or fairy tale fantasies.

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