Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Killing in Kenya (Flight Risk #2) by Susan Harper

Kendall is a flight attendant that has found a friend in Pauline, a rich older woman.  Pauline loves to travel and she invites Kendall to go along on a safari with her, all expenses paid.  She likes having company and they visit fun places together.  Kendall says yes.  On the flight over, she talks to another flight attendant and Pauline invites her, too.  She only has a few days off but she says yes.  She may regret that after the fact...

Fairfield Publishing and the author shared a copy of this book with me for review.  It has been published, so you can grab a copy now.

They start out by staying in a hotel that has giraffes on the grounds.  Even though Kendall was on the top floor, she had her window open and a giraffe woke her up by licking her.  When they go out to see the animals on the preserve they find rhinos.  One man on the tour says he's going to take one for a trophy; he's paid his fees to do it.  Most everyone is offended.  The man running a reserve for the animals in angrier than most.

The next morning, Kendall's flight attendant friend is being taken away by the police.  The hunter has been killed in the kitchen and she was holding the murder weapon.  The Kenya police don't speak English.  When the accused runs away, it gets worse.

Pauline might be older but she's still feisty.  She steals a vehicle from the hotel and takes the accused to the American Embassy.  Then she pretends she's old and confused when she returns.

This was a fun cozy mystery that I enjoyed reading.

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